Grilled Salmon with a Yogurt Chive Sauce

grilled fish

Again here I go with the grilling.  It’s just so easy and healthy not to mention delicious!  This dinner takes less than 30 mins to make

Salmon filet or steaks

1 lemon

1 cup greek style yogurt or sour cream.  Full fat is preferred

15 blades of chives

lots of salt and pepper for the yogurt sauce.

Place your veggies to cook.  You can make whatever you like. I just went simple tonight with steamed broccoli and salt water boiled potatoes.  Potatoes go really well with this because the yogurt sauce is a perfect compliment to them.  Place your salted salmon steaks on the grill.  In the mean time make your yogurt sauce.  Add chopped chives, salt and pepper to 1 cup of yogurt, mix and there you have it.  Once your salmon is cooked to your liking, plate everything and put a dollop of sauce on your salmon.  Place the rest of your yogurt sauce in a nice little serving bowl for each to add more tasty sauce to their potatoes or salmon.

Salt water fingerling potatoes

brocolli-or any other veggie.


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