Tofu and Ginger

I was never a Tofu fan until living 4-years in Japan now I crave this dish

This is a very simple dish I use as a little starter or appetizer.  I learned this yummy treat when living in Japan . We went out to dinner a lot and in most restaurants when seated, you are given a little something to eat right away.  This tofu dish was a popular starter offered by most restaurants.  I just recently passed on this very simple recipe to my neighbor who is now eating it almost daily.  I never was really into Tofu until now.


1 package of tofu for 4: Silken tofu works best, but if not a soft tofu will do.

15 blades of chives chopped

1 inch of ginger grated or chopped finely (or both for real ginger fanatics)

Soy sauce


This is so simple, just looking at the photo you can see the ease of making this dish.  Cut tofu into 4 portions.  You can be creative and cut a square then cut into 2 triangles to make a cool display.  You can put one facing up and the other down, or whatever looks good.  Add a good amount of chopped chives, this also works with small green onions, add the grated/chopped ginger on the top and then drizzle soy sauce.  Voila.  Works well with chopsticks.

If you have extra tofu, if you are just making this for one or two, put tofu in tupperware covered with water.  You will want to change the water daily.  This will keep for a few days.


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