A Resolution worth eating. Veggies and more veggies

roasted vegetables
Easy and yummy
grilled veggies
grilled portabella mushrooms and shishito
Eat your vegetables is not something you usually here at our table because we do and we love them.  I have started taking out starches and adding double the veggies. I have to admit though, we’ve gotten off track with the holidays, but now that there is no major meal on the way, we are going back to eating more veggies.  We are also going to embark on the Dukan
 diet.  It will be the first time ever that we go on a “diet” or more appropriately, a change of lifestyle when it comes to eating.  I will be making many different dinners following his diet advice closely.  So we shall see how much our dinners change.  My husband will be happy to know that when we are in the maintaining phase we can have our pasta dinners again, but once a week.  I’m very excited to try this new eating plan. Supposedly the initial weight loss will be fast but keeping it off  will be a long process.  For every  pound one looses, you must have 5 days of concern, meaning just because you lost the weight, you need to continue to follow a plan to maintain it.  I hope to lose 10lbs that I gained making cookie over the holidays as well as falling back into eating processed foods.  I never used to eat so much packaged junk, or starches but then again I lived in Italy for 2 years and the gorgeous bi-weekly market made it easy to eat fresh and healthy meals.  So my advice to you, double your vegetable intake this year.  Even our 5-year old son craves veggies of all kinds.  You never have to tell him eat your peas and carrots. The rest however is another story. We are working on getting him to try new foods, mainly proteins.  Once you start putting more vegetables in your diet, you will crave them to, just like my son. There are millions of different vegetable combinations possible, you have no excuse not to eat them. And eating french fries, with ketch-up doesn’t count as a vegetable.