Charred chicken

Last night I made another version of my grilled chicken with lemon,herbs and garlic. I altered the recipe slightly due to forgetting to steam the broccoli and adding some Herbs de PV, a salt mixture my friend made. The salt mixture was beautiful however, I wasn’t expecting the fennel which didn’t go so well with my lemon garlic. I was planning on preparing the chicken for the BBQ with just the salt mixture which had herbs from our Rancho Palos Verdes cliffs: fennel, rosemary and lavender. However, Paul didn’t want just that. I prepared the chicken my usual way, chopping up some garlic, lemon rind,fresh thyme and fresh Italian oregano. Paul called and told me he would be home in 30 mins. Perfect timing. I started the grill, placed the delicious looking pieces of chicken and went back inside to prepare our side dishes. I decided to do the usual grilled zuchini and eggplant. I sprinkled some herbs de PV and drenched them in extra virgin olive oil. I also prepared 2 heads of brocolli to be steamed. This time I didn’t use the stems. Normally I peel the stems and chop them up in circles. It is delicious, but I placed them back in the fridge for another time. I went out to put the veggies on the BBQ and realized the gas tank had gone empty. Argh, this started my dinner process late. I managed to replace the tank. Paul came home. He had some work to do so figured he’d do it before dinner. I thought dinner was ready, the veggies and chicken were getting charred at this point, but I now was waiting for Paul to finish one thing. I then realized I’d forgotten to steam the brocolli. So long story short. What was for dinner was charred veggies, chicken with a bit too much fennel. Not a successful dinner. The brocolli however, was cooked just right-still green but not too firm.


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