Dukan Diet day one-fish and crab

This was a very interesting dinner.  I put fennel, peppercorns and salt in a pot and boiled our crab.  It was more work than anything to get the delicious morsels of crab out, but it made it worth our diet.  The fish was delicious.  I bought it at the fish warehouse on the docks of San Pedro.  I am going there again to try something new.  It was such great deal.  I bought enough octopus for three meals, calamari, 2 whole fish and two crabs for 40 bucks.  And it was absolutely deliciously fresh.  I will not buy my fish anywhere else, now that I’ve discovered this amazing fish deal.  The crabs were ok but too much work.  We had to youtube, while we were eating them, to see if we properly cleaned them.

Basically, I put a bunch of aromatic things in a pot of water, waited for it to boil.  Took my two crabs that I had placed in the freezer for 30 mins, so they would be easily placed in the water and boiled them for about 15 minutes.  The fish I used my branzino recipe that is on previous posts.  This diet isn’t so bad because we are trying different things.  And you can’t go wrong with tofu, ginger, green onions and some soy sauce.  Yum.

Crabs for sale at the Maine Avenue Fish Market...
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