Steak, veal, shrimp, octopus-Dukan Diet day 2

Dinner number two under the Dukan diet.  Tonight I tried to add variety.  We had a delicious filet mignon from Trader Joes, mostly organic.  I prepared it on the grill along with the octopus and shrimp.  I just seasoned it with salt and a lot of crushed pepper.  I wanted to put my William Sonoma au poivre seasoning, but it had too much oil.  I also thawed out the frozen octopus and marinated it in a cilantro and lime marinade as well as a few jumbo shrimp.  That’s a lot of food!  However, when only eating protein, it’s not much.  I also made veal.  I found a nice butcher in San Pedro.  It’s hard to find a butcher around here.  I was truly spoiled in Italy, there was one on every block.

I  wrapped each veal piece with one slice of red onion and one piece of sage.  I squired each role.  The veal was for the 3rd protein day’s lunch, but we snuck a piece each, leaving Paul 2 for his lunch and me up to my own accord.  Dinner was a success, well minus the octopus that had the consistency of an uncooked snail or a really tough piece of rubber band.  I didn’t pre-cook it.  Later I remembered how long I had cooked my octopus when I made it for the first time, when living in Italy.  I was so happy and proud when I went to the market and bought my first octopus.  I also remember getting my octopus out of the bag and realizing I didn’t ask for it to be cleaned!!!  I had to youtube a Jamie Oliver clip to see exactly how. It was a bit overwhelming, but I did it. I managed to get the little teeth out of the head and pull the head inside out.

basically how I felt when I learned I needed to clean it!

Doesn’t seem appetizing, but it didn’t turn me into a vegetarian, yet.  I’d been told by several locals to freeze it for at least 24 hours to give it some tenderness. Then you cook it in wine for a very long time.  This time back in the US, I  must have lost a bit of my memory because somehow tI felt 15 mins on the grill would be delicious.  I had read a recipe that said to grill for 15 minutes, but later after our meal I read the fine print.  The grilling for 15 mins, was after a few hours of stewing! But never-the-less our dinner was great.   A bit different from our first, still as bizarre, in the fact that our veggie was just the size of a garnish.  Paul and I decided to do the protein diet one more day.

Breakfast, snacks, lunches:  We’ve been eating hard-boiled eggs, not more than two a day, yogurt-greek style and european style.  All are fat-free.  I’m getting used to it.  I think what we miss the most is wine.  But in general, we are living on coffee, Perrier, yogurt, tofu and proteins.  I’ve lost 3 lbs so far. I did the Dukan diet true weight and I don’t have too much to lose, but need a jump start to the new year.  I really over induldged over the holidays, it started at Halloween.  So it was time to do something serious.  My profile from the Dukan site said I’d do a 2 day protein and then a mon/Thurs protein day with the others protein and veggie, for 20 days.  I don’t have many days left, well, two weeks, but it seems ok so far-day two. hahaa.  Paul has been having much better lunches than me.  I’ve been making him his before he goes to work.  I just snack in between working at home.


I missed a post so I will add in my Dukan Diet Day 3.  We had grilled swordfish, calamari and shrimp.  I used two frozen swordfish steaks and cut it up into pieces.  I also used previously frozen calamari that I’d purchased from the seafood/fish docks in San Pedro.  I used the same dressing as the previous night.  Cilantro and lime.

Cut up sword fish, red onion, cilantro and lime to squeeze.  Put them on sticks by alternating:  swordfish piece, red onion, shrimp, red onion, swordfish and so on.  I just did the calamari separately.  I grilled them until done, maybe 4 mins a side.  It was delicious and fresh.  The lime and cilantro are a perfect combination that doesn’t make you miss any oils or sauces.

Perfect hard-boiled eggs.  Put eggs in cold water and place on stove to boil.  Once eggs are boiling, take off the stove and cover for 20 mins.  Voila a perfectly boiled egg.  It’s best to quickly cool them after the 20 mins because it makes the shell easier to peel.

For dessert we had yogurt.


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