Chicken Surprise-Dukan diet day 7

I bought a large organic chicken at Trader Joes, my local super market.  I was happy to make a whole chicken.  I planned to bake it at 400 for 45 mins.  I had just recently tested out our oven’s self cleaner, something I had neer done before, but the oven needed to be cleaned.  I had accidentally, a few weeks back, set the oven to pre-heat without taking my son’s gingerbread house out of the oven.  I had hidden it in the oven so he wouldn’t be tempted to pick and eat all the candy off.  It was a big allurement that needed to be hidden! Well, his house”burned down” and melted candy was everywhere. Our home smelled of sweet candied ginger for days, maybe why I was eating sweets constantly.  Anyway,  the oven malfunctioned and locked.  I tried to unlock it but ended up breaking the latch and the door wouldn’t shut properly, making  the  oven incapable of turning on.  So my hopes of a nice roasted chicken was gone.  What to do?  That is where I pulled out  the Le Creuset  Paella-sized pan and started cutting up my chicken.  I  added only a bit off olive oil, staying within the Dukan limits, a sliced onion, 2 chopped garlic cloves and shallot to the hot oil.  I added some nice dried oregano from Sicily, fresh thyme, oregano, and sage.  I let it cook a bit till the onions were opaque and then added my chicken pieces.     I then added some cut up zucchini, peeled and deseeded tomatoes and a bit of eggplant(about 2 zucchini and 1/2 a big eggplant)  It was a type of surprise, a ratatouile, hunters chicken my style.  It was a change from the rosemary, lemon garlic roasted chicken but good anyway.


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