Pork wrapped in red onion and sage and red wine salt-Dunkan Diet day 6

Tonight was a protein and veggie dinner.  I am followin the Dukan diet, as you may know.  It’s not so far away from the way we normally eat.  We are huge meat/protein eaters and love veggies.  I started a low carb regimen last year and found it made a big difference. I’m not huge on diets, but found that taking out the extra carbs helped a lot.  Mainly helping my waisteline as well as hunger. I found if I eat larger portions of proteins and veggies, I’m satisfied and feel more full.  Carbs just ended up making me more hungry a few hours after eating.  I used to always make one veggie, one protein and one startch- that was my thing.  Now I do 2 veggies and one protein.  Anyway, I’ve been succesful on the Dukan diet. I had gained 8 extra pounds from the holiday treats and managed to loose more than that, almost 10 lbs.  My Dukan diet was not intense as I put in my numbers and discovered my recomended weight loss would be 7 lbs.  So I lost that plus more.  I’m in the 3rd phase of the plan where i”m aloud cheese, bread, 2 starch meals and 2 splurge meals.  I am cheating and having wine here and there, more like here!  But it’s all working.  I continue to do our protein days and protein and veggie days.  So we had pork wrapped in red onion.  I think this is much, much better with thin slices of Veal.  But pork is ok, too.  Just wrap each piece with a few pieces of sage, a few pieces of red onions, add salt and pepper, and herbs de provence.  I squired it and put it on the grill.  I think the grill has made our healthy living work!  I also used my cali salt. It’s a red wine infused salt made from California wine and Sonoma salt.  It’s gorgeous and the flavors pop.  I grilled this for about 10 minutes.  It was quite good, but the veal was 10 times better!  

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