swordfish and Calamari kebab

Keeping with the Dukan diet, we are having protein.  I am writing this so late now, I can’t remember when we had what, but this was one of our prefered meals.  I am huge on fresh fish, however, the Trader Joe’s frozen swordfish wasn’t bad at all.  And you can’t go wrong with a lot of cilantro and lime.  Basically I defrosted the swordfish and cut it up into nice size chunks.  I strung the sticks with one piece of red onion, one piece of fish and so on.  I then chopped up some cilantro and squeezed some lime juice.  Dusted some salt and pepper and topped it off with the lime, cilantro dressing-no oil at all.  I then just strung some calamari on the sticks and added salt and lemon juice.  Make sure you don’t add any citrus until you are ready to grill.  I put them on the BBQ for about 6 mins-3 mins to each side.  This was another YUM making this diet a synch.


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