Ice Cream vs Gelato

Italian ice cream parlour in Verona.
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I am super happy with my Cuisinart ice cream maker.  This was a gift about 10 years ago and I put it away for a few years, while living in Italy along with my pasta maker.  There was absolutely no point in having either, oh and also my pizza stone.  The pizza, pasta and gelato in Italy is really to die for. But now that I’m back in the US, I have taken my ice cream maker and pasta maker out of the moving boxes. I have made several Ben and Jerry’s ice cream recipes with a few modifications.  I enjoy them, but it just wasn’t the gelato feel and taste.  When in Italy I remember Italians bragging about how gelato is not ice cream and it’s much better for you than ice cream.  Well, I felt it was just the Italian way of superiority when it comes to food.  But they were right and often when it comes to opinions on food, the Italians have every right to brag.  I’ve never tasted such amazing food.  A tomato tastes like a tomato!  The quality of food is amazing. You have to go food shopping much more often due to such freshness not lasting, unlike the shelf life of an American vegetable. Sometimes I wonder what is on my tomato that it can last weeks in the fridge.  Ok back to ice cream.  Hmmm, tomato ice cream could be good.   Anyway, my staple is an altered Ben and Jerry’s mint chocolate chip recipe.  I basically steep real mint into my milk and cream mixture by heating it slightly while I mix the sugar and eggs in a separate bowl.  I let the creamy mint mixture cool before adding to my egg mixture.  Once it’s cooled I add it all to my fabulous ice cream maker.  Once the ice cream is soft enough I add in chopped chocolate, as much or as little as you want.


1 cup sugar

2 cups cream

1 cup milk

2 eggs

mint leaves-a big bunch, discard when done steeping, squeeze out the cream into mixture or one teaspoon peppermint extract

100 grams or big handful chopped dark or milk chocolate.

Beat eggs and sugar together, add in milk and cream with mint taste,

add all to ice cream maker.  Once finished put ice cream in a Tupperware with a thin sheet of syran wrap directly on top of ice cream, this saves some freezer burn.

Now onto Gelato.  It is in fact much healthier for you.  In most of the ice cream recipes I’ve found, 2 cups of cream are required however, I’ve found that gelato is more a milk based ice cream, asking for 2-3 cups of milk.  I’ve not tried to make a fat-free ice cream, but it is the works.  I will however make a full fat gelato first and then make the fat-free version, just in case it’s not good.  I will let you know.

My custard vanilla American Gelato.

I used 1 cup super fine sugar and beat in two eggs and two egg yolks.  At the same time I heated up two cups milk with one cup cream.  Eventually I will eliminate the cream, but I didn’t want it to go bad, so I used it.  I heated the cream and then poured it onto my egg mixture.  After that I brought it all back to the pot and cooked till it thickened.  I let this now, custard type mixture cool in the fridge a few hours.  Once cool, I added some vanilla extract and put in my ice cream machine.  This was a triple yum!!!!!! More gelato recipes to come.  I think that my fat-free version would be a great desert for the Dukan diet.  Oh and for the verdict, I’ve turned Italian and prefer the more egg milk based creamy frozen treat!

ice cream


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