Tritip with crushed garlic herbed peppercorn sauce

meat with herbs This meal works perfectly for those doing the Dukan diet, but it’s also a great BBQ party pleaser that feeds many. It is a piece of meat that can please the well done, medium and rare crowd all at the same time.  The ends get more well done and the thicker center will be obviously more on the rare side.  This of course is on a BBQ.  I had my first tritip at our poolside mini BBQ party.  My friend brought a pre-marinated, Santa Maria, tritip from Trader Joes.  I thought it was delicious.  However, I bought the same, cooked it and was disappointed.  The pre-marinade, with fake garlic powder was much more prevalent when cooking rare.  My friend had cooked hers well, so I think most of the marinade flavors were cooked off.  But lucky for me, I found un-marinated tritip, at around 5 dollars cheaper than it’s marinated version. I think that meat just cries for fresh herbs, garlic, pepper and salt.  Add that and it’s just delicious.  No need to add anything else.  The good thing about it is it’s just about 15 dollars for a huge piece. It fed Paul and me for a meal, and fed well-about 2-3 big pieces each, with extra for the next day’s lunch. It could serve 4 hungry people or 6 not starving, if you had other things to eat, as well.  I like having the left overs on top of field greens or just cold with some nice, strong Dijon mustard, and veggies.

How to make it. I usually get as much herbs as possible and also the key is fresh herbs.  It works with dried, but I think fresh is best.  Last night I used a handful of each herb:  thyme, rosemary, sage and oregano. I chopped the huge pile up with 5 cloves of garlic. Wash the meat and dry with paper towel.  Place in a bowl and mix in the herb mixture.  Add salt, red wine infused salt works best and add is the best.  Add crushed peppercorns.  You can let marinate in the fridge if you want stronger flavors.  I did for 2 hours in the fridge and it added an extra garlic punch.  I also sometimes use the William Sonoma au poivre sauce.  I love it.  I will try and duplicate the recipe for William Sonoma’s sauce soon as it’s $12 a jar.  If not, I will suck it up and buy another jar.  It does last long, maybe 10 meals and it’s delicious.  Now it’s time to start the grill, get it nice and hot.  Place tritip and sear one side for 3 mins and then the other.  I flip it often and cook for maybe 25 mins total, but I love rare meat. This herb mixture can work well even with just one of the herbs.  I just love all the flavors together. yum, enjoy!


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