Broathy leek soup

I love leeks but hate the cost.  I found frozen leeks that are pretty inexpensive, but not organic, in the frozen section at Trader Joes.  It’s great to have these because they are already cut and cleaned and can be added to many dishes for flavor and texture.  I didn’t use the frozen leeks in this particular soup though. I bought 3 big, nice looking leeks from the local grocers at a high price.  I don’t understand why one leek is almost $1 and you can’t really even use the whole thing, unless making stock.  I used a home-made veggie stock.  I prefer it to the pre-made ones found around here. I’ve just had no luck in finding a good one that suits my taste.  I would almost prefer a Knorr bouillon cube to the packaged stock, organic or not.

Stock:  Roughly chopped carrots-3, 2 roughly cut up onion, a few stocks of celery with leaves, (if you have, use dark green parts of leeks) peppercorns, laurel leaf, tyme, parsley-cook for about an hour or more.  Strain and voila, you have veggie stock.  You can use it right away or freeze for another day to make a soup, sauce or add flavor to making rice.  Just substitute stock for water when making rice.

Put about 2 tablespoons of butter and add one finely chopped onion and shallot for about two minutes.  Add the leeks and stir occasionally.  Add about 1 quart of stock and 3 chopped turnips.  Cook for about 45 minutes and it’s ready to serve.  This recipe is great with potatoes instead of the turnips but I didn’t want to add them even though I do love potato leek soup, but I wanted to follow my diet of no potatoes, so I used turnips.  This was a very bland soup but perfect for my husband who was very ill.  You can add all sorts of veggies and alter this so I spiced it up with some crushed peppers.  This is especially yummy with some crusty bread and a nice cheese on the side, like St Andree, Chaource or something creamy and soft.


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