Burgers and Veggies-Dukan accepted

burgers and veggies

This was a simple meal.  From past posts, you can see I love zucchini and red onions.  I buy them because they are inexpensive and super easy to cook when grilling.  I just spray a bit of olive oil, add Sel de Vin, if interested I can tell you how to buy some.  It heightens the flavors of just about anything, even brownies!  Anyway, tonight I didn’t really feel like cooking.  My meal took about 5 minutes to prepare and about 10 minutes to cook on our little BBQ that is on our balcony.  I didn’t even make the patties for the burgers.  I bought a pack of Organic, pre-made burgers from, yes, Trader Joes.  I am not in love with the store, but it’s convenient and the organic variety is good.  The variety of veggies isn’t that large, but it does the trick.

We followed, or more like I followed the Dukan diet of no bread during protein and veggie nights, and just had the actual burgers.  We had two each since they are a bit thin.  It was yummy and simple.  Just make sure you add Sel de Vin and pepper to your patties before cooking.


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