Roast tip with sage and redwine salt-Dukan diet day 5

This meal is something that has become a staple for me– Grilled Tritip.  It’s perfect for so many reasons.  And from past posts you may know I love to use lots of fresh herbs and fresh veggies.  It’s the core in creating a healthy and delicious meal.   Tritip, it’s perfect for two people with enough left overs for the next day.  It’s also wonderful for a  big party, especially when you have friends who are all over the map when it comes to how they like their steak cooked:  rare, medium rare or well-done.  You will likely get all three temperatures!  We love rare, so those are the pieces we eat right away while they are hot.  The cold leftovers, medium and well-done pieces, are tasty when you have them in a sandwich or in a salad.  Today I’m having left overs for lunch, but will just have the meat cold with a bit of mustard.  I love strong Dijon mustard, not Grey Popon or Maille.  I love the staple Amora mustard from France. It’s not fancy and not regarded as high end, but I love it.  I usually stuff my suitcase with it after a summer in France.  Unfortunately I’m a bit low on the mustard stash and have used a few strong ones found at TJMax and trader Joes, it’s not bad, but not the same.  But now, it’s 11am and I’m looking forward to my steak and mustard for lunch.  No salad for me as it’s a protein day.


The best way to season the meat is to first rinse and dry it down with a paper towel.  Add salt- preferably my favorite, Sel De Vin, which is a red wine salt.  It’s Sonoma salt and California red wine, if you are interested, I’ll tell you how to get it.  It’s salt has been infused in red wine for weeks. The flavor of the salt pops on your palate not to mention on your plate.  The red salt adds such color accents that makes any plate look ready for a judging at the Iron Chef table.  Ok, back to the fabulous red wine salt, add it generously and then grind tons of pepper.  For the final, add the herbs.  For this meal, I just made a simple sage topping.  In the past I chopped up garlic, rosemary, thyme, wild basil and some sage.  I really love any fresh herb and think many of them go well together.  You can also do this with dried herbs, but I would do this a bit in advance and put on the tritip, at least an hour to let the flavors open up.  Dried herbs lack in flavor and aroma a fresh herb would yield.  I cooked this on the BBQ for about 15 minutes a side.  It really depends on how thick and big your tritip is.  I hope you enjoy!


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