Brownies with Sel de Cali

There is absolutely no reason to make brownies from a box!  It’s almost too easy to make them from scratch.  You just need some good chocolate and about 10 minutes to chop and mix. I tend to buy the huge, 500 gram bars from Trader Joes, which can make up to 3 or 4 batches of brownies, depending on how chocolaty you want your tasty bars.  I miss nice chocolates at expensive prices from Europe, or even just the access to good chocolate, but the Trader Joe’s dark Belgian chocolate isn’t bad.  I used to make brownies from a box until I moved to Italy where no boxes of brownie mix were found and that is when I discovered the amazing and healthier version of this American desert. When ever a friend had a party or an event I was asked to bring brownies.  I became the brownie and blondie maker.  I’ve passed on my recipe and taught others to make these and am proud to know that people are eating my brownies all over the world.  Now a best friend impresses  guests in South Africa, my Italian mama friend is making them for her kids’ playdates, and my non-baking Mexican friend has now found a love for baking and her children have rediscovered how yummy a real brownie can be.  Brownies from a box are actually disgusting, adding vegetable oil and an egg to a pre-mixed powder of fake-like chocolate isn’t so healthy.  Please pass this recipe on to show how easy it is to make real brownies.  It will take about 10 mins to make and 25 to bake.  The baking part is the key.  You want to  under bake  your brownies.  If you over cook them, they just become regular brownies and are a bit too dry.  If this does happen, just top them with marscapone cheese before serving, but hopefully you will get the timing right to enjoy this chocolate, gooey treat.  The most important part of making brownies is timing and salt!


125 grams butter, cut into pieces (1/2 cup)

100 grams chopped dark chocolate -play around with the dark percentage to find your favorites.

1 cup sugar-superfine sugar works best, but costs more, so just normal white sugar works also

2 pinches of salt

2 large eggs at room temperature

2 teaspoons pure vanilla extract

3/4 cup all purpose flour

150 grams chopped chocolate – I use the same dark chocolate used in the melting process, but you can use white chocolate, peanut butter chips, milk chocolate, play around to find your best indulgence.

1/2 cup loosely chopped walnuts optional.

Sel de Cali- a red wine infused salt

Basically you want to chop about 100 grams of good quality, dark chocolate into your cut up butter, place in a pan and melt completely.  Take off heat and add the rest of your ingredients.  Mix sugar completely, add eggs and vanilla, mix with wooden spoon, add two pinches of salt, then add in the flour a bit at a time to avoid lumping.  Next you will want to chop up the 150 grams left of chocolate, you can chop as finely or as loosely as you want.  It all depend if you want more melted chocolate to your brownies, which is what I choose, or if you want chocolate chunks within the brownies.  Then add your walnuts.  Sprinkle this lovely Sel de Cali, making each bite have a mouth-watering red-wine sea salt accent.  It will change your brownies.  Bake for 25 minutes at 350 f or 180 C.  Make sure you do not over cook.  Check your brownies with a toothpick. You want a bit of the brownie to stick to the toothpick.  You just don’t want them too raw, but as it cools, it’s still cooking.


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