Lime fruits and leaves, Dole Street, Honolulu
Lime fruits and leaves, Dole Street, Honolulu (Photo credit: Joel Abroad)

Back from a very long and lovely vacation visiting family and friends in France and Italy, I’m now back to making my “what’s for dinner” meals.  I have to say being in Europe was amazing food wise.  It’s a place where tomatoes taste like tomatoes, cheese is actually a delicious mold and every meal was a party in my mouth!  It was too good.  I did manage to bring back lots of great Italian pasta, my favorite Dijon mustard, nice chocolates and the best, real Parmesan cheese from Italy, along with some odd ends and bits.  So now here I am back in Los Angeles cooking.  Last night I made a grilled pork loin that I had marinated.  I’m not huge on marinades because I feel sometimes it over cooks the food, before even cooking it.  I had about 15 minutes before I had to pick-up my son.  I quickly looked online and found Alton Brown’s honey lime marinade….. I didn’t have all the ingredients, but it worked and was delicious!  I was in a hurry so I misread, lime juice for lemon juice.  I put both.  I used juice of one lemon and then to make up for the error, used juice from two limes. I also added tons of lime zest.  I added 1/2 a small jar of honey, some red pepper flakes, some real chopped up garlic (Alton asked for garlic salt, but I had none)  I added some special salt blend from Hediard, called Sel Fou aux Herbes et aux Epices…. translation:  crazy salt with herbs and spices.  The salt contains Guerande sea salt, paprika, while thyme, chili pepper, pink peppercorns, black crushed pepper and rosemary.  I then added maybe 1/2 cup of vegetable oil.  I let it all marinate about 5 hours in the fridge, turning it and mixing it occasionally.  When it was time to grill I realized after re-reading Alton’s recipe and noticing I had such a huge amount of marinade left, that I was supposed to reserve half for later.  Never the less, I grilled it while basting as often as I turned the loin.  I took the rest of the marinade and heated it on a skillet and reduced it to a lovely honey glaze sauce.  It was delicious. Unfortunately, I only have photos of the left-over lunch meal I made, just pork with a side of Persian cucumbers dusted with Fleur de Sel.