Easy hors d’ouvres-pizza with filo dough crust

Unexpected guests.  A frozen filo dough in the freezer, some tomatoes, herbs and cheese made a perfect hot hors d’oeuvre while I stalled the dinner menu off a bit till I figured out what to make.  I made a big pizza with tons of different toppings.  First, I spread one side with pesto I also had frozen, added cherry tomatoes and baby mozzarella balls.  On another side I put goat cheese with sliced cherry tomatoes and parsley.  You can really just put what ever topping you want.  I was thinking of making one with pancetta and a creme fraiche (or sour cream) with carmalized onions-making it like a tart flambe, Alsatian style.  I would like to make just a simple Margherita with tomato sauce and cheese.  You can just add left overs and call it a day.  I’m sure cut up chicken would be lovely.  You could Mexicanize it and add sautéed shrimp with cilantro, garlic and lime.  The filo dough makes a great vehicle for anything.  It’s an easy bruchetta!  Enjoy!