Stuffed round zucchini with a side of tuna and mango salsa

Inspired by a trip to the Redondo Beach farmers market I picked out a bag of mixed vegetables.  I got 6 round zucchini for $1.  I decided they were perfect little vehicles to stuff.  I wanted the meal to be fairly healthy and not carb packed.  I cut the tops of the rounds and then scooped out the meat with a spoon.  I chopped up the zucchini innards and sautéed them with some garlic, olive oil, peppers and salt and pepper to taste.  I then stuffed the mixture back into the zucchini rounds and baked it at 350 degrees for 40 minutes.  At the last 10 minutes I added some grated parmesan cheese for flavor.   While it was cooking I made my mango salsa and then fired up the grill to cook the tuna.  All in all it tasted good but I would pair up the zucchini with some other protein like chicken, steak or pork chops… or another fish minus the mango salsa.  The flavors were fighting each other.

stuffed zuchinni IMG_0381 IMG_0382


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