Detroit -the move from the 1950s


My husband Paul is a car designer. We met in Detroit when I moved to work as a copywriter in a major advertising company… 2 years later we were married and off to Japan.  After one child and four years in Tokyo we moved to Monza, Italy…. 2 years later we came to Los Angeles, a place I fell in love with.  I never wanted to move to LA and thought that there was a big superficial mentality with botox romances and boob injection dreams… well that is the reality but there is much more.  After almost 4- years living here, I love it and I love our Edward Fickett modernist 1950s home we bought a year ago in San Pedro, it’s time to move.  My husband found a better more fullfilling job in Detroit!

I’m thinking food is such a part of me that the food I make will reflect the move and then life in Detroit! Maybe I will call it Deliciously Detroit or Detroit Deliciously!

I hope you enjoy this new section to my blog.


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