I love to cook, eat and talk food. I’m French and American and  have  lived in many different places all over the world.  I recently moved from Italy to California, 7-months ago.  Before that I was living in Tokyo for four years.  I’m open to new foods but tend to sway towards a French/Italian way of cooking.   I never really got into fast food, although a road trip or airport wait isn’t complete unless McDonald’s french fries are in the mix.  However, I don’t like fast food.  In fact you could torture me by forcing me to eat at Taco Bell, Burger King, Subway, TGIFs for a day or even have a party hosted with Costco foods.  I would be ill.  I need veggies and fresh, preferably organic food.  I hope you get inspired to cook from my recipes and feel free to contact me, should you have questions or problems in preparations.


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  1. Hi Karine, I just had to pop over and say Hi, and thank you for the ‘like’ on my Garlic Herb Bread (Lynne’s Recipe Trails) which has led me to your amazing blog. I look forward to going through your posts. Have a great day and take care.

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